Our Services

V-ALPHA is a boutique capital management company that assists ultra high net worth families in establishing and increasing their capital in the immediate term, as well as considering the future financial welfare of the subsequent generations.

We believe that each client is unique and as such requires personal attention and a customized capital management and growth program. As such, our services vary from client to client, and may be completely different in each case.

Therefore, as soon as you approach us, you will be allocated a senior consultant from the company who will meet with you discreetly, and create a unique plan of action that will enable you to embark on the right path immediately, improve your financial positions, stabilize failing and damaging business processes, establish a diversified and profitable investment portfolio, increase the  family capital in a calculated, informed, and continuous manner, and ensure that you and future generations enjoy financial stability and significant prosperity.

Notwithstanding our customized service, capital management is composed of milestones and core actions that we have mastered, and which we offer as a complete capital management program or individual services:

· Mapping family financial assets and capital.

· Mapping financial assets and capital.

· Analyzing financial needs and capital management.

· Building a capital management plan.

· Building an investment portfolio and financial growth tools.

· Optimization of an investment portfolio.

· Finding profitable investments in various spheres and markets.

· Negotiations with entrepreneurs and companies prior to investing.

· Capital raising services.

· Investment banking services.

· Due diligence checks prior to investing.

· Legal consultation 

· Financial consultancy and money management

· A program to ensure continuity and transfer of capital to the next generation (succession planning).

· Consultancy on building management systems in family-controlled corporations (governance planning).

· Financial and business education for the next generation.

· Tax and accounting consultancy.

· Investment management and control.

· Business development consultancy.

· Risk management consultation.

· Concierge services and individual lifestyle guidance.

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