1. Question: Is it possible to use V-ALPHA’s services partially or to hire it only to manage my capital? 

All options are possible, as far as we are concerned. 

Our goal as investment and capital managers is to satisfy  our clients’ needs and interests perfectly. 

Our services can therefore be used fully or partially, to provide overall management of the family’s capital and financial assets, or, for example, to offer legal consultation only on transferring control of family assets and companies to the next generation.

2. Question: What do V-ALPHA’s capital management services include?

V-ALPHA Co. is a one-stop-shop for all financial management services for wealthy families in Israel. 

Therefore, the company’s services include the entire range of services required to do the job successfully, from mapping capital assets and financial requirements, through planning the services we will provide and the investment portfolio, to routine management of all the client’s financial-business interfaces.

3. Question: What are V-ALPHA’s main areas of investment?

V-ALPHA provides its clients with a wide range of investments, focusing on groundbreaking enterprises with potential for high yield in profitable markets in Israel and the world, including technology, renewable energy, real estate, biotechnology, and communications.

Despite our focus on these main investment spheres, we make sure to follow the trends in the global financial markets, and adapt our investment portfolio and the financial instruments we offer our clients according to their requirements.

4. Question: Do V-ALPHA’s management services focus only on the financial aspect of investments and capital management?

V-ALPHA provides a wide range of services required for ultra high net worth families, who want to preserve their wealth and increase it for future generations. In addition to core services that focus on managing investments and finances, the company provides various supplementary services, such as economic education for the next generation, concierge and life style services, etc.

The goal is to bring end-to-end professionalism to every aspect of the client’s life, in order to ensure his economic future, and enable him to enjoy peace of mind and a high standard of living without dealing with finances, investments, business development, or even having to worry about his leisure time in Israel and abroad.

5. Question: What are the sphere of expertise of V-ALPHA’s staff?

V-ALPHA Co. has recruited top-rate professionals, all of whom have extensive knowledge of their sphere of expertise, and many years of experience in managing the capital of international investors and wealthy families. 

The company’s team specializes in many and varied spheres, including investments, banking, finance, business development, organizational conduct, psychology, financing, business administration, business entrepreneurship, legal consultancy, and international concierge services.

6. Question: What do V-ALPHA’s consultation and capital management services include?

V-ALPHA customizes all its capital consultancy and management services to the needs and personal requirements of each client, in order to maximize the inter-generational financial growth effect. 

However, there are basic stages in every capital management and consultancy process that are very important for short, medium, and long term success. 

These core stages include mapping capital and financial assets, assessing and analyzing requirements, building a capital management plan, building an investment portfolio and financial growth instruments, and managing and controlling investments.

7. Question: What does the company do to ensure high returns on the investments it makes for its clients?

V-ALPHA is in regular contact with venture capital companies, high-tech entrepreneurs, real-estate experts, and investment banks worldwide, leading entrepreneurs in Europe, the U.S. and Southeast Asia, and leading financial and investment professionals in various international markets around the globe.

These strong ties, together with the team’s creativity and its wealth of capital management experience, extensive financial knowledge and business insight, enable us to keep abreast of all the productive financial opportunities that will help our clients expand their capital for themselves and for future generations.

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