About us

V-ALPHA is a veteran capital management company established in Israel by a group of experienced finance, investment, and banking professionals. Its goal is to help wealthy families protect and increase their family capital in the short, medium, and long term.

Our belifes

Since we believe that we all need to focus on what we do best, and leave things we are less familiar with to the relevant professionals, we offer our clients a discreet and professional service that includes a wide variety of investment channels and profitable business tools, enabling them to increase the value of their family’s financial assets.


We provide a 24/7 service, based on a 360-degree customer service strategy, and we support each client from start to finish, from analyzing their needs and mapping their financial assets, through building a long-term growth plan and finding profitable investment channels, to providing continuous control and routine management services for the family’s asset portfolio.

Over the years, we have had the privilege to serve many families who have put their trust in us, and provide them with confident and professional guidance toward a robust economic horizon that has provided them with financial prosperity in the present and economic security in the future.


Idowu Koyenikan

Why should you use our services?

1. Extensive experience
We have been involved in the capital management and investment business for decades, and apply the extensive knowledge and rich professional experience of our amazing staff to each financial move and measure to achieve the best financial results for you, which will ensure your financial future and expand your family capital methodically and consistently.
2. Profitable investments
We invest in a wide range of profitable markets in Israel and the world, including technology, renewable energy, real estate, biotechnology, and communications, and provide our clients with high returns over time, to enable them to meet their current financial needs, and to ensure their economic security and that of future generations.
3. Global ties
We are connected to a wide range of financial markets, investment banks, high-tech incubators, real-estate entrepreneurs, venture capital funds, technological hubs, research and development bodies, and a range of influential people in Israel and abroad, enabling us to keep abreast of and locate the best business opportunities for our clientèle at all times.
4. Absolute discretion
We strictly respect the privacy of our clients at all times, and we maintain complete discretion regarding each portfolio, financial move, transaction, asset, investment, and business strategy directly or indirectly linked to any of our clients.
5 Customized services
We avoid taking the same financial and business measures for all our clients. Instead, we carry out in-depth analysis of the assets of each family, delve deep into its current and long-term financial requirements, and assemble the most profitable and suitable capital management package.
6. Diversification and creativity
We are curious by nature, and are always looking for creative ideas outside the box, unusual financial instruments, groundbreaking investments, profitable pieces of real estate that nobody else has snatched up, and the exclusive service that will make all the difference to our clients, by assuring them financial success of dizzying proportions.
7. Business transparency
We maintain complete business and financial transparency vis-a-vis our clients throughout all the stages of our work, and insist on strict standards of professional ethics. We have no external business considerations, and we focus only on our clients’ short, medium, and long term financial success.
8. A to Z service
We are a one-stop-shop for all investment needs, business consultancy, and capital management for wealthy clients, and we accompany them closely from the stage of mapping assets and identifying requirements, through formulating an investment strategy and creating a profitable portfolio, to routine management of the client’s portfolio and making the necessary adjustments to minimize losses and maximize returns.
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